Alumnus Andre C. is a Vocational Coordinator for Praxis Housing Initiative and Hudson Link has helped him return to school for his master's degree. 



Andre C. and his two sisters were raised in Queens by his mother and stepfather.  As a child, he lived under the
abusive rule of an alcoholic stepfather and as a result, learned to hate while most children learned math and


Andre's pain, suffering and anger contributed to his being incarcerated in 1982, and when he entered prison, he
entered an angry young man.  For the first 3 years, Andre continued to act out and as a result of his behavior,
he ended up in isolation.


Andre quickly realized that in order to survive, he needed stop his self-destructive behavior and make positive
changes in his life.   He stated that “there had to be more to life then how he had been living."

While incarcerated at Sing Sing, Andre enrolled in Hudson Link's college program and in 2006 he graduated
from Mercy College with his Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science.  And because of his education, he was
given the opportunity to work as the director of pre-release programming, a facilitator for the domestic
violence, fatherhood and life skills programs,  and a trainer for the ART program.

“Education opened my eyes to a new set of possibilities and a hope for the future that I never had. Hudson
Link gave me the chance to help myself and help others."


In 2008 Andre was released from prison and was reunited with family and friends. He quickly found employment
as the Vocational Coordinator for Praxis Housing Initiative, a homeless shelter.  He also continued to maintain
strong ties with Hudson Link, volunteering to help others obtain their college education and change their
lives. Hudson Link encouraged Andre to return to school to further his education.


“With Hudson Link's help, I was able to return to school and am now pursuing my Master's degree in
Organizational Leadershp at Mercy College.   And thanks to help from Hudson Link's Alumni Support
Program, which provided me with a new laptop computer, I have just obtained my first "A" in graduate
school and now have an even brighter future.”


Andre, who resides in Queens with his wife, three children (2 boys and 1 girl) and mother, looks forward to
completing his Master's degree and helping Hudson Link further its mission of providing higher education in