Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison provides college education, life skills and re-entry support to incarcerated men and women to help them make a positive impact on their own lives, their families and communities, resulting in lower rates of recidivism, incarceration and poverty. more

News + Events

Hudson Link/Mercy College Professor, Jo Ann Skousen to appear on Stossel TONIGHT 9PM ET to discuss the release of the Director's Cut of Award-Winning ZERO PERCENT Documentary

Artwork created by Hudson Link alumnus Denis Martinez is presented to Pope Francis.

A long-time friend and supporter of Hudson Link passed away on Thanksgiving.

Imagine producing an event as part of the most prestigious, well-respected conference organizations in the world - TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) - inside a maximum security prison.

Inmate Jermaine Archer served as the M.C. for an unusual TEDx talk inside Sing Sing Correctional Facility.