Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison provides college education, life skills and re-entry support to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women to help them make a positive impact on their own lives, their families and communities, resulting in lower rates of recidivism, incarceration and poverty. more

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Change begins at home, and it's already happening here in New York.

NYCHEP applauds the Obama Administration announcement to restore Pell eligibility for incarcerated people.

Correction's Today Magazine article: "The inmate organizing committee wanted to emphasize the connection between those on the 'inside' and those on the 'outside' says Todd Young."

This is a degree that says you have finished a body of material, crossed a finish line, Dr. Hall intoned at the ceremony, behind the prison’s walls.

“When I shook hands with each new Nyack College graduate, I didn’t see a man and his past; I saw a man and the possibilities for his future,” commented Dr. Michael G. Scales, Nyack College’s president.